Ad Builder is Web-browser based application that makes it simple for your salespeople to personalize any ad for any
client in under 60 seconds… without the help of an art dept.
Ad Builder delivers high-resolution CMYK PDF files ready for press in addition to low-res RGB files for Internet delivery.
Not enough? It’s also got a simple yet powerful Edit screen where you can change ANYTHING within the ad… hide or rearrange layers, upload a client’s logo then drag and drop it into the ad, change type, colors, scale layers up and down, etc.
It works in all major Web-browsers on Mac, Linux and Windows. : )
  • Why would anyone want this?  You might be surprised how costly and time consuming it is to get quality spec. ads. Somebody has to open a file in a design program somewhere and customize a template for each potential sale. That person needs to be paid even if the ad doesn’t sell. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy to use system that could automate this complex process. Ad Builder can personalize any ad in about 8 seconds on average and delivers output ready for press or the Internet.
  • What are the ad sizes?  It seems that no two directories/books/magazines use the same ad sizes. Ad Builder can store whatever ad sizes you tell it to store. The default ad sizes are for a standard Yellow Page directory but they could just as easily be Web banner ad sizes. If your directory is online only, you may never need the high-resolution CMYK PDF output.
  • Does it come full of ads or what?  Ad Builder does not come with a library of ad templates.
  • Where do the ads come from then?  Most directory pulishers, CMRs, etc. currently have providers of spec. ads that they’re happy with. However, it costs money to personalize those ads each time a sale is attempted/made. Instead, take an extra 15 minutes and put that template into Ad Builder and you’ll never pay to have it customized again. We can arrange to have the system populated for you.
  • Does it run on my servers or yours?  Odds are that each company will want to host it’s own repository of ads internally on one or more servers. It can be run from “cloud based” services such as Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud if you desire.
  • How is it delivered?  We can provide you with a fully installed, ready to run Virtual Machine disk-image for the Xen or VMWare Hypervisors or depending on license, simply the source code.
  • What’s the license?  Some forms of delivery include the source code depending on the contract, but the software itself is not Open Source per se. All rights are reserved.
  • Can I add features?  If you have the source code, you can make any changes you’d like.
  • Hidden Benefit:  If designers don’t have to waste time repeatedly customizing spec. ads, you could actually be selling more ads by using fewer but more talented designers.
  • Hidden Benefit:  If you’re a print based business making the transition online, Ad Builder has you covered by delivering files for press and screen at the same time.
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